Sunday, 7 October 2012

Beauty and the Beast 2012

I was a bit sceptical on hearing that they are bringing out an updated version. How could they replace Vincent?  But they have and you can get details here on the Internet Movie Database. It hard to tell much about it as the details aren't fully filled in yet and it is being released in America in the Autumn 2012.

Then I watched the trailer on you tube and thought it looked really exciting.  It was the story which we all loved, and of course the characters too. The 1989 version is for die hard fans only now as it is very dated and a little cheesy, but at the time it was cutting edge drama.
    They have changed Catherine to a cop instead of an attorney. I remember an interview where Linda Hamilton said that she wanted to be more adverterous in the role and she wanted to ride on top of trains too and get into fight. They wouldn't let her, women at that time were still damsels in distress and only dashing handsome men could do the fighting on their behalf.   
    Thank goodness times have changed. This new Catherine gets to do all of that by the look of the trailer. I sure the old Catherine would approve!

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